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By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
peetso wrote: Sat Jun 26, 2021 12:08 am New Modest Mouse. "The Golden Casket"

Some good, some middling, some shit, but this here jam hits on all levels for me

"Back to the Middle"

Thought about posting this. Not this one, but the one they did the moving pitcher for. The only problem? Its not this...

Stuck in the past, I guess. A problem we all have. Dunno why Billy Corgan gets a pass - see above, re: animated nonsense, which I loved btw - but Isaac Brock does not. Hard to put finger on.
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By peetso
Heero[CntRmbrPwd] wrote: Tue Jun 29, 2021 12:01 am
Stuck in the past, I guess. A problem we all have. Dunno why Billy Corgan gets a pass - see above, re: animated nonsense, which I loved btw - but Isaac Brock does not. Hard to put finger on.
I don't think people ever forgave MM after they accidentally got popular with "Float On".
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By woolly bugger
not new to me but might be new to y'all.

Tornado, from Greensboro, was THE local band to go hear!

Strong Vocals by Rebekah Raker, great guitar by Sam Frazier and Keith Rosco, strong drums but Cliff Greeson, and Bobby "Wasabi" Kelly's bass, formed the basis of a group that was ahead of its time. Not to mention the horns! Sam and Cliff are still playing together in the Triad area of NC

Their first album, First Alert was released on vinyl in 1983 and their second album, When A Breeze Breaks Your Bones, was released on CD in 1998. Both albums are now streaming and available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Give them a listen... ... your-bones

Here they are performing in aa 2011 benefit concert

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By Lando
Kanye moved from Cody, he's getting a divorce, and lost God.

He's back and making some new tunes.

I liked this one.......

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By woolly bugger
I'm retired, I don't know what day it is, so here is some new old music for y'all to listen to...

Rediscovered recordings showcase work of local guitar legend Sam Moss

Sam Moss was a legendary musician in Winston-Salem for decades after his arrival in the 1960s. He was considered a mentor to many people, whether it was on the stage, or in the downtown guitar shop that he owned. But very little of his work has been heard by the public aside from his concert performances. That’s changed with the recent release of an album of re-discovered recordings Moss left behind.

The project began when musician and Winston-Salem native Chris Stamey took a pandemic break to go through some old tapes of his former band, the dB's.

“I found a master of Sam Moss that I didn’t realize existed, and it was a fantastic track, a song called ‘Rooster Blood,’" he says. “Once that King Tut tomb kind of opened, I found a few more things on an associated reel and started talking to people and other tapes surfaced. We found it was really a whole album.”

Mitch Easter, a musician and producer who found fame with the band Let’s Active, made the recordings in Chapel Hill more than 40 years ago. Stamey says Moss’ mentorship helped him, Easter and others create the music scene in Winston-Salem during that era.

“Sam Moss came to town in I think 1968 fully formed as a great guitar player,” he says. “And we were all trying to break the code of, you know, what is Eric Clapton doing? What is Buddy Guy doing and what is B.B. King doing? And Sam knew it and he would show us kids how it was done. He was like a light in the wilderness for all of our circle in the late 60s and early 70s.”

Moss was known more as a performer than a songwriter. That’s one of the exciting things about the release — it features a handful of songs that Moss actually wrote. ... d-sam-moss

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