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By CarelessEthiopian
Or you could capitalize that S.

I know some of you have received some retarded PMs here. You should share them. Keep them anonymous or not.

I'm looking at you, Lando.

Unfortunately I have deleted some of the best, but here are some goodies from my inbox.
Way to post 2 threads that hit sanctimonious, self absorbed, and fake humbleness all in 1 shot AND are at the top of the board. Maryland can't be that bad dude. I flew into the Dover airport in July.....holy shit. It felt like being on a (unusually) paved road in the Pine Barrens, sans (your Sideways reference) trees.

Fuck....was this email mean? I meant to tell you I was in your state recently, to drive to Philly for 6 days. Everything is the exact's scary. The Northeast doesn't change.
I get the feeling XXX doesn't like me. Seriously. Strongly.

Did I do something wrong? I think he is one of the most solid dude's I have ever met....and I was on my best behavior when I have hung out with him.

maybe you don't know. I seriously dialed back the asshole East Coast shit with him, so I am at a loss.

Here's one from COL.
Fuck OFF Newb

This one is simple and elegant. I approve.
Gayest post ever, dude.
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By Lando
Check your PM's - new plan. To xxxx:

New plan, bake is cancelled. I pick you up Friday, we head to the capital of microbrews in the USA - Fort Collins, hit a brewery or two, then head up to Red Feather Lakes (my turf). We hang out on Friday night at my house, then take the camper down to the Poudre Canyon, fish for Greenback Cutthroat and Arctic Grayling at 11,000', go over the pass, and get the chance for some MONSTER browns in North Park, sleeping at the Delaney Buttes.....10 pound browns in there.

What do you think? We can bring along anyone who is interested. xxxxxx, xxxxxxx, and a host of others are all out.

We can also coordinate with xxxxx - this will knock about 2 hours each way off of his drive to get you. He could even stay over at my house sunday to brek the drive up if you want - I have a trophy rainbow lake that is private in my neighborhood.

Sound good? xxxxxx will thank you.
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By austrotard


Sounds fantastic. So is xxxxx back in AK? Still on the lamb? And I'd be any kind of negroid for a week's fishing in BC. Well, not an ass fucked kind.

Fucking druggies.....I don't do drugs, just weed. Speaking of......We need to go back and visit Colorado again. Times have changed bere and it is a magical place. Just picture going into a dispencery and picking out your favorite bud from a huge selection. And the chicks there are all better looking than any dealer I've ever met.
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By bullship
Woolybug25 wrote:*EDIT - I think we might be both getting punked. I checked your other posts and you are a badass tyer. These cant be yours. Furthermore, the post office labeled the box with a zip. Know anyone from Claremont, NH? Dave told me that you are from NC, so I don't think these are from you. They sent this in with labels that say "Bullship" and even has a letter signed as Bullship. Hell, let me know what you think. Below is the email I sent you before I got all Sherlock Holmes on it.

Hey dude. I hope all is well. I got your flies today and need to chat with ya. First of all, I would fish the hell out of the flies you sent and they would certainly catch fish. I love that polar chenille stuff and use it all of the time. Fishy as hell. Dave spoke really well of you and said that he saw some really good tying from you at the SCoTF show, so I know that you can wrap a hook.

That being said, which one of these is not like the other?




For reference, I personally spent about $40ish on the materials on my flies and have put in 3-4 hours of tying in on them. Some of the flies that are coming in have two hooks, cones, rattles, eyes and exotic materials. I'm not sure how those people will feel about getting your fly back in return.

The other two things are that you also a) forgot return postage and b) forgot a lighter.

So what would you like to do?
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By Redchaser
This is going to end in tears, in fact I bet someone is crying about it already.
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By Redchaser
What the fuck,

I had to pull this one out of the way back machine
Some Asshole wrote:You're a fucking retard; oh, excuse me, a fat fucking retard, one that doesn't know a redfish or a waterspout. Dumbass, If I was you I'd either shut the fuck up, or put a bullet to my head.
Maybe you should flip a coin..
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
Here is one from mine from a while back:
Lando wrote:What is your address? I have something to ship your way.
I never got anything so Im assuming the worst...
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By Lando
What the fuck is the address?
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