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By davesnothere
I'll add some salt to the jar.
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By Boomin
Traveling Jar of Flies Watch Special Update: Got the jar chadroc. Dude, you went way above and beyond. This thing has turned into a traveling box of awesomeness. Headed to Cali. Check out the potatoe recipe Spicy. It doesn't disappoint
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By Spicytuna
Copy that,

Will report back and send out when I get it, I have all kinds of shit for it.

Hope you guys like Powerbait and nightcrawlers
By chadroc
dag. got in on this joint before the crawlers and powerbait got up in the mix. shame.

the jar is strong! featuring such crush proof bomb ass flies as:

the glittery snaggler


the map will undoubtedly become convoluted and some stats geek will calculate the miles this bitch goes. so here we are simplified somewhat.


boomin, so glad to give something in the mail that ain't a damn bill. now if water would drop a bit locally i might just go punch a stocked rainbow in the lip with a little something of flybugs.

lastly. big guy and davensnothere hail, per the map, like old time wrestlers did at times, from parts unknown.
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By davesnothere
jar map copy.jpg
jar map copy.jpg (116.92 KiB) Viewed 1008 times
By croaker
Add my name to the list.
Will put some Mediocre flys from GA in the jar.
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By Boomin
[report]Shit, I lied earlier. The box is really on the way now to Cali with Alabama juju added. Yes, I'm a super lazy bastard. The drawing and huge meat ties are staying with me. They were a gift from Chadroc. I just wanted to show what a badass he is.
Bye the Bye, what the hell was wrong with the old site??[/report]
By chadroc
punch fish in the mouth with that big shit. it ain't no graceful cast, but it will snaggle up a bass or three. i'm drunk, only reason i;'m posting on this site. where the fuck is the jar? en route to cali? long live. long live.


does this weird new site even work?
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Nice tender meat. Whoever put the sticky on thanks , its way cooler now than when it left.
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