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By austrotard
upcoming meltdown reminiscence betting:

2/1 fav dr. douche
5/2 ranger rick
3/1 d-wayne
7/2 robert
10/1 crazy eye guy
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By yard4sale
If you had some short/short waders I think "Dee" would be interested.

Go Giants!
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By West Chester
I am also selling a pair, same size but I only want $649 with free ship for mine. Market pricing and all.
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By MTgrayling
What's pro deal (river whore) price on these?

My best offer is half of that, and a semi putrid fish carcass.
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By MTgrayling
Even half that is a bit over my budget... I'll regretfully have to rescind the carcass offer.
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By Lando
trashfishjunky wrote:Your dyslexia has you reading "Hodgman" instead of Simms for some reason. Maybe wet wading is more your style...
I am not from the South, so I can read just fine. Hodgman is a sponsor of this site-maybe if you would have done some research instead of showing up like herpes before prom, you would realize this.

But hey, I really doubt you will figure it out.

BTW-where is your next bucket list trip? Is this why you are in need of some cash? How is the Orvis shop doing?
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By fatman
austrotard wrote:upcoming meltdown reminiscence betting:

10/1 crazy eye guy
that image just came in to my head and I laughed out loud....
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By BigTimber
trashfishjunky wrote:That would be large-short
"short, fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."
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By austrotard
I never knew asians were so touchy feelry.

I can actually see things without your hand on my shoulder/back, biss.

I'm going to hell.
but I'm all right with fictional places.
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