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By fallen513
Too much verbiage.
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By MTgrayling
Welcome aboard. Apparently this ship is now yours to steer wherever and however you like; newbie.

Here is some sage advice from a long time member in good standing...

Do not hesitate to put your trust on these guys, for they are stand up men one and all.

If someone tells you that people here can and will use your most personal issues and things you may post here while drunk or in crisis against you; it is most certainly a lie, because these guys are stand up men one and all.

So you are getting punched in the head while another kicks you in the nuts. That just shows how much we love you... now stand up man.

Come on IN through the out door bro, we love that shit.

You are not the toxin here, no, not at all... seem like a stand up guy to me and most drakiens will tell you my judgment is cock solid.
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By BigTimber
kewl pics, dood, but this isn't the popular fucking photography message board. In all your radness sadness, do you have any pictures of fish or campfires or an ex girlfriend?
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By pbrstreetgang
yard4sale wrote: Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:47 pm Which one of you fuckers slipped some acid into my coffee?
Someone put coffee in your acid?

PS - the initial post was like watching Bruce Springsteen try and play Joy Division tunes. Fucking stop it, clever clogs.
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Veetch wrote: Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:03 pm What... is.... happening... here?
Something you should have asked yourself before your first post years ago.
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By yard4sale
I imagine having a beer with THE CC would be like getting drunk with a guy who only spoke Swedish. It would probably be fun but I would have zero idea what he was saying.
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