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although i dig some of Wilco's shit...... Tweedy fucked up a good thing with Uncle Tupelo..... but Son Volt was formed and puts out some good shit, imo... i am a big fan of jay farrar...

So Jeff tweedy is a fucking douche bag of a bitch imho.....

any other fans/haters of this genre...

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Totally agree. I think Uncle Tupelo was much better than Wilco. But, as far as Wilco goes,AM is the best album by far. They (Wilco) just keep getting more and more mellow, pretty soon they will be purely muzak. It must be the fact that J. Tweedy has been addicted to downers for 5 years.
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By jerome
I dont know... Wilco did put out some good more country shit in last few yrs and had some good collaborations like stuff with bobby bare jr. From stories I heard from guys i know that hung out with those guys in college Mike needs some downers...

Best band from that scene that never got credit has to be the bottle rockets.. :bow
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By Bruiser
Can't say personally if he's a nice guy or not. I've heard of him getting pissed off during shows etc. but his music has always been great.

UT was also my favorite, esp. Anodyne, but I like all the other stuff too. I'd strongly recommend Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in Golden Gate park for anyone who's into alt country and bluegrass. It's in October and it's free. JT had about 50,000 singing along with this one last October.

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By jerome
I met Jay Farrar a few yrs ago in nashville, really really cool guy. as was brian henneman. Have always heard tweedy was stuck up his own ass,etc... not really a dick but anti-social, arrogant and kinda full of himself,... takes the tortured artist thing to extremes....

speaking of alt-country rec.'s... I am hooked on Ryan Bingham stuff right now... the kid and his band have a great sound..
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By jerome
cliff, that shit about snider is so true.... and funny as fuck... i just cracked up, woke up my dog... bitch is staring at me from across the room... pissed... :cool
Come on, what has Farrar done for you lately? UT still get frequent play time as does Wilco but Son Volt only gets a nod as an after thought every now and again. (edit: sorry, should qualify that, play time on my ipod. Funny shit bigcliff).
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By Bruiser
I also like Todd Snider a lot. He is hilarious. But my favorite is still Robert Earl Keen:

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By jerome
REK has to put on best live show ever and i have seen alot of shows especially in smaller venues..... seen him many times....always great.. :cool
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By jerome
i really dig this song and video....
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