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By Oakman
I haven't done this trip in two years, good friends I used to go with no longer make the trip because the fishing just ain't worth it, they come from the UK. Salt gear hasn't seen the light of day since the last trip, packed deep for the move out of Brooklyn. Come midwinter there was a faint dream that I might make the trip, but no real hope, never give up hope. Things worked out, time to dig out the grip.
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Beautiful day for a drive, coffee hot, hitter box full, time to make tracks.
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First stop, new wading boots and a chance to catch up with some old friends, great place, super service.
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The landmark that says you have arrived.
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The Ditch, never fished the Ditch. It produces large for those willing to battle it out, but I'm headed for calmer waters.
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The hacienda, home base for the week. Supposedly the largest cherry tree on the Cape.
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The casting lawn and hang spot.
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Tea, it's a thing on the Cape, habit formed with the UK brethren and I'm not gonna temp fate by not doing tea.
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But I came to fish and now it's time to sort through the grip I haven't seen in two years.
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Managed a little time at the bench in preparation.
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Got as the sun was setting, tides were lining up perfectly for me, middle of the night highs all week long. I rarely fish the daytime here, and when I do it's a casual thing with not much expectation, but the first mark is always a nighttime spot that drains a sizable area. The pattern holds true and the first customer likes the topwater offering.
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First salt fish in two years deserves a small celebration.
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Gotta fuel up for the nights.
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Decided to get out a little early in the tide cycle and see what I could see.
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More of the same, nothing large but consistent action, falling into the rhythm. Fish the night, home when the sun comes up, but since it's the end of the day for me, an little something to finish it off. Nothing like Scotch at 9 am to remind you it's a fishing vacation.
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By now the rest of the crew has arrived and there are some serious cooks and clowns in the group. Northern New York venison on the menu tonight.
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The cook also brought his project boat, I politely declined an invitation to the maiden voyage during a small craft advisory. They made it back alive.
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Always important to have some comestibles around.
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Nightime is the righttime, though nothing much larger seems to be hanging around.
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Finally, something a little better.
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Apparently I have reached my photo limit. To be continued.
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By fly-chucker
noice :cool
By Oakman
The Lighthouse Cafe, breakfast every day coming off the water, like the tea, not a tradition to be broken.
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I have encountered some large on this flat, but it's been a while and I have no intention of doing a night trip here until I have done a daytime scout so breakfast will have to wait today.
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They come here for these little morsels, and suck them down as fast as they can find them.
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One little daytime fish, and some sights I don't get to see in the nighttime adventures.
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Perhaps I can be forgiven for making my own breakfast today.
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This fly took the majority of the fish on this trip, I'll be tying more of these.
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Another guy on the tip is a mad engineer, he broke down and copied the Pole Dancer. I fished it but cut it off when I missed a huge strike from a following seal. No desire to tangle with one of them. It will get fished when there are some stripes large enough to eat it around.
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Best fish of the trip. Sadly barely in the slot, but took a topwater offering so that was fun.
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The rig.
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Leaving is such sweet sorrow, but I'm thankful for the opportunity.
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We could't finish the bottle, I know, weak effort. So it was decided to share the rest with some good peeps.
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I hope it happens again next year, I love this place. I would have never believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. Capesquatch lives. . .
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By slapshot
So good. So damned good.
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By McH
Damn, some top shelf Sweetness all around.

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By fatman
proper :smile
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By stillsteamin
Man. Beach fish, proper breakfast. Looks like a really nice time.
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By pxatim
Oakman the Dopeman bringing the goods. Hope to see you out at the end this fall buddy.
By Oakman
pxatim wrote: Thu Jul 01, 2021 8:59 am Oakman the Dopeman bringing the goods. Hope to see you out at the end this fall buddy.
Aww yeah, get your orders in early . . .
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