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By Average Joe
A couple of weeks back, I mentioned to Cornholio that we should plan a camping-eating-drinking-and-maybe-a-little-fishing trip for October. He said he’d check his calendar and get back to me.

We spoke on the phone last weekend, and he explained that because of work and family obligations he wouldn’t be able to swing it. He followed that up with, “I can probably do a day trip if you want to fish for stripers. You free this Friday?”

He sent me a link with directions to a boat ramp I’d never been to, and told me to meet him there at 5:45 AM.
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We motored out and Cornholio found a bait ball. It wasn't by accident. He's spent countless days out on these waters paying his dues.

He grabbed a ten weight rigged up with a pole dancer, made a couple of casts, had a striper come up and destroy it, and landed the first fish of the day.

(Credit SOBF School of Photography)
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I was fishing an eight weight with a sinking line, and I’m guessing Cornholio landed a couple dozen fish or so before I finally brought one to hand. It would be my only fish of the morning.
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He is one fishy motherfucker.
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The tide receded as the morning progressed, and around 11:00 AM we motored back to the launch.

I figured we’d trailer the boat, drink a few beers, have some lunch, and then head home, and so it surprised me when Cornholio suggested we try another spot.

I followed him through a series of backroads I’d never driven before until we arrived at a little out of the way boat launch.

Cornholio put the boat in while I got started on lunch, and we were back on the water at 1:45 PM.

Cornholio’s war chest.
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Fish on.
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I picked up a couple more, including my best striper ever, before we headed back in.

Thank you, Cornholio, for an incredible day!
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By cornholio
Good times!
Had a blast hanging out with the guy who never catches anything on fishing trips. Started at o-dark thirty at an empty parking lot save for a suspicious car with gang bangers inside. Motored over to the first stop in the dark just in time to catch the start of the outgoing tide. Bait were present and a few fish around rounding them up. Topwater blowups never get old!
A little while later at the next stop, Joe yanked on his rod on what I thought was a snag. Then the snag started to move.


Not bad for a guy who never catches anything:

Cheers to that!

The tide soon bottomed out and the bite slowed down. I had only planned on fishing this area but when I checked the wind for another spot, it wasn’t as bad as initially forecasted. So we packed up and went for a ride. Mild wind, good incoming tide and not a lot of boat traffic. Prepped the dirty little boat while Joe did his thing:





Just freakin delicious. And it appeased the striper gods as he caught a few more later that afternoon:




Including one on the large side. Line burns, screaming reel and busted knuckles:

Not bad for a guy who never catches anything.
Good times!
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By jhnnythndr
Nice to see to them worlds keep turning. I had a buddy in high school who was portagee. Catholic school. I was sentenced to 1.5 years of high school in roadilend We enjoyed it such as it was.
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By Average Joe
austrotard wrote: Mon Sep 27, 2021 8:58 am he's pretty cool for a porchyougazy.
He's still a Filipino, Mitch, but since the Spanish colonized the Philippines, and Portugal borders Spain, it's closer to the mark than calling him a Mexican.
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By fatman
B.M. Barrelcooker wrote: Mon Sep 27, 2021 11:48 am It’s the hat

:smile :smile :smile
strong work, gents :smile

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