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By Bigguy
Looks like Rafa is now a cook!
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Raffa's got something new....if it ever gets here...
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By Lando
I love IF. There is a gas station just east that sells a nasty breakfast burrito. Be advised.
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By Redchaser
RFA wrote: Tue Oct 19, 2021 6:47 am Raffa's got something new....if it ever gets here...
Can't wait until you paint a dick on it.
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Well, it finally got here. The dump Mark took in it must have blown out on the road.
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It even fits in my upper garage!
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We all gotta go somehow.....

Let's see how long it takes for Wooly Bugger to bump his thread above this one, as he seems to monitor this messageboard in case something other than his goofy fucking selfie album is first.

Need the odds, #bookiemitch
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By Lando
Explain to me that anchor storage.
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It is an option you can buy from Clackacraft, called an "anchor nest". It was inexpensive, $72.

Being as that anchor would become a 30 pound projectile if I were ever to get into a car accident while pulling the boat, I opted for it.
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